We are a piece of the universe and not the center of it!

I was in the Chicago airport waiting to board a flight to Vancouver, Canada, when the gate agent announced that the flight was going to be delayed. She then asked the passengers to line up and re-book their flights. There was a lot
of sighing and distressed looks but for the most part everyone maintained a certain degree of calm.
However, one gentleman ( and I say that loosely), kept trying to weasel his way to the front of the line.
Finally he was able to get the gate agents attention and began to assault her with demands as to his absolute need to get to Vancouver as he had extremely urgent business.

She kept her cool and kept repeating that there were a lot of people ahead of him and he would have to wait his turn.
It was then that he decided to use the phrase that has become the mantra of the 21st century culture of entitlement.
“Do you know who I am” he snarled. She had a sardonic grin on her face as she picked up her microphone and said, “Attention, attention,does anyone in this room know who this man is”? He seems to have lost his identity”.
There was suddenly an outburst of guffaws from those in line. The man, now red-faced and looking like he had been constipated for months responded, “Well, we’ll see about that! I want to speak to your supervisor, where is he”? The agent, once again with a huge smirk on her face said ” He’s at the end of the line waiting for me to get him a new flight”.

This type of behavior has grown exponentially over the years as more and more of our society feels their “special” or entitled. They have in essence lost their identity and their humanity. When we begin to believe that we are the center of the universe instead of a piece of the universe, we lose sight of the fact that we are part of a global community that needs to exhibit patience, kindness, compassion and a lightness of being.
The holidays seem to increase the stress that is already so much a part of our society. Perhaps this season, more than ever give the gift of patience, a gift that could influence peace and good will towards all mankind.

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  1. The “Holidays” :/ I’d like to take a Chill Pill and wake up when it’s over. Isn’t it a kick how people can mow others down on their way to spread xmas cheer? I live near stores that attract them, it makes going out for milk into a hazardous excursion! I wear your joke nose and glasses to cut across lanes of traffic. In the few seconds they are staring at me, probably thinking what a nut I am, I pull into their lane πŸ™‚
    Still, there’s nothing like an ugly old car full of dents to make people afraid to cut you off in traffic! lol!
    Loretta, your humor keeps me going.
    There’s not One fun email inbox, I just lost another tooth and my back hurts
    but you got me to laugh! thanks for that πŸ™‚
    Instead of grinding teeth you found a way to make a joke πŸ™‚
    Keep ’em comin!

  2. I love the way the gate agent handled the situation! That truly models what you are talking about (on the good side). You’re right, people have gotten way self centered, but then there’s the counter balance of the agent.

    Yes, the holidays can bring this stuff out, but even the fact that it’s there reminds us that we all can fall into that trap if we don’t stay level headed like the agent.

    I used to tell the people I managed during the holiday season, you’ll run into a few crazy people, but each night remember the hundreds of wonderful people. Give them the space in your memory not the rude ones.

    Thanks Loretta!

    1. Hi Jen, hi Loretta! This is a true story:
      In a K-mart store there was a guy in line dressed as Santa. I wasn’t next to him but I wish I was! He bought all the things the lady’s cart ahead of him!
      Then w/o buying anything for himself he waved to the rest of us and left.

      Here’s one that happened to me and I thought it was so much fun I turned around and tried it.
      I drove up to the toll booth expecting to pay and got told: “the person in the car ahead of you paid your toll.”
      I didn’t recognize the car. I still don’t know who was the kind stranger but
      in retelling it now I feel the smile come over me again πŸ™‚
      I might just Do that for someone again .. just to blow their mind :o)

      Loretta’s video, How Serious Is This has a piece about how showing kindness is a way to defuse some of the anger and hostility in the world.
      Thanks Endlessly for that tape Loretta! I play it almost Constantly!
      I still struggle with this part: “every day in every way I think I’m such a treasure ..”
      Loretta, I think you’re a real treasure!
      Jen, aren’t we Lucky to know her?
      My gifts to people lately have been things from her site.
      It’s selfish giving in a way for I do it to encourage Them to be more fun for Me to be around :oP

  3. Hahahaha! I think it’s brilliant that the lady’s supervisor was at the end of the line; you just can’t make up that kind of irony. Anyway, I think we do feel entitled as a society and it only seems to have gotten worse with the constant innovation of instantly gratifying technology like social networks.

  4. What an awesome anecdote! Totally deserving of a FP status. Did the supervisor chime in at any point of this exchange?? And, did the man finally get what he wanted, or was he carried off by a lynch mob?!?

  5. When I was working at the MGM in Las Vegas as a waiter, I was waiting on a ‘celebrity’ who was performing there in one of the showrooms. When their order was taking a little bit longer than expected they asked me, “Don’t you know who I am”? I responded with, “You’re someone who is currently working for, and getting paid by the MGM, just like me”.

  6. There are always a lot of people like that, feeling that because they have important business to attend to, everybody should put them first in priority. They forget that everyone has some important business to attend to, and that they should also understand and respect that.

    1. Ashley, you are eggzaktly rite! “everyone has some important business to attend to ..” I’m not all that religious but I like this line: “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” .. providing we’re not all ‘shouldding’ on ourselves πŸ™‚
      I wish Loretta had her own talk show!

  7. Loretta, you’ve got a great thread going here. You’ve obviously got supporters πŸ™‚
    Could you film some episodes yourself then sell them to local stations so we can see it w/o paying for cable? How about a segment featuring a guest then a call-in segment?
    It could be like your radio show idea but in the flesh?
    *we can solicit sponsors for you if give us a list we can write to?
    [please] No drug companies! I’m so upset by them I’ve had to turn the channel :/

      1. GrrrL! I’ve got All of them! p.b.s. aired “Joy of Stress” which was my favorite till I saw “How Serious Is This?!”
        As you say, “most of us like noise”I know I do, I run the t.v. 24/7.
        Last Christmas Hallmark took Touched by and Angel off the air and all I could find to watch was violence πŸ™
        So I made a tape of 7 of your shows and I play them over and over. I can’t get enough of “how serious is this”
        I really think it’s the best of all πŸ˜‰ why don’t you have it in your gift packages?
        Please tell us how we can help you get on the air?
        I’m sure everyone following you would support that πŸ™‚

  8. *if you can’t post a if that’s ok, this is a “big hug” [url=http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=aV13fbpi][img]http://www.postimage.org/aV13fbpi.jpg[/img][/url]

  9. Oh this is so true! I once ditched a guy like this mid-date for yelling at a waitress! I got such a kick out of how the agent handled it! I hope he got a reason to cry from the security personnel! It would serve him right for acting like a “jackwagon”!

  10. Ah this is amazing I LOVE this πŸ™‚

    Why is it we feel entitled? Why do children feel entitled to disrespect their parents… the child is 2 years old… everyone else gets to wait in line just because you flash your name shouldn’t mean a thing…

    really…who are we? in reality, the united states is the size of a quarter when compared tot he universe…what does that make you and i ? nonexistent!

    1. I can see your point Melanie but it’s scary to feel small or insignificant.
      I’ve been trying to find my “enthusiasm” = what Loretta called “the God within”
      Loretta’s tapes talk about how to engage strangers in conversation to make waiting in line and adventure.
      ..some people give me a look x_x “Loretta, I must lack your knack” ;o)

      *note to everybody: If you have not seen her video “How Serious Is This?!” Do!
      and if you have it already watch it again w/a friend :o)

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