I have been pondering bringing back a club I once had called TADAH, or The Association of Delightfully Alive Humans. When I first began my career as a stress management consultant I was struck by the amount of people I met who spent inordinate amounts of time complaining about their lives. While I acknowledge that life can be filled with a lot of difficult situations and tragic circumstances, I also know that in the everyday of our existence there is also much to be grateful for. We may have to dig deep, but if you are able to breathe on your own, walk, and have shelter, you have a few things going your way. I began advocating for participants in my workshops to try a simple TADAH when they woke up, or when they met a family member or friend, as a way to express joy in the moment. It transitioned into a club and helped create a like minded community.

The irony of how I developed the concept came from my attendance at a wellness conference. I was struck by the absence of enthusiasm and joy from participants who were there to explore techniques on how to be happier, healthier, human beings.

One afternoon, a child of about three waltzed down the hotel corridor, twirled, lifted her arms, and yelled, “TADAH”! Several adults stopped dead in their tracks. At that instant, I knew they had grasped the absurdity of the situation. The child knew what they had paid hundreds of dollars to find out: how to enjoy life in the moment.

We are now a part of a culture that is ten times more stressed than the individuals I started seeing years ago. There seems to be less and less available time for people to enjoy their lives. Leisure time, fun, and social gatherings with family and friends must be scheduled. When I mention throwing your arms up in the air and yelling TADAH as a possible intervention for stress, people look at me like I’m nuts. After all that takes time and the people around you might think you’re taking drugs, or need some therapy.

Believe it or not, was a scientific study done by Dr. John Cacioppo Ph.D., that concluded that throwing your arms up into the air can lift your spirits. Now if you add an enthusiastic TADAH to it at the same time, some magic might just happen.

You may be resistant to what I’m suggesting, but I firmly believe that trying techniques that help us to embrace life whether they’re serious or delirious just might protect our minds, bodies and spirits from the stressful society we live in. Remember it’s much easier to “do” whatever it is you’re doing if you can “TADAH” while you’re doing it!





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