Just let that little kid inside of you come out and play!

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but something happens to people when they’re in the presence of toddlers. They become semi comatose and transfixed by everything the children do. The same thing happens with cats and dogs. Perhaps we are in awe of their playfulness and their ability to be in the moment, and at the same time saddened by our loss of it. All adult eyes seem glued to the child’s every moment, and each word uttered becomes a pearl of wisdom. We are sure as we watch that a new version of Einstein is in our midst. Adult conversation becomes sprinkled with “oohs” and “ahs”. Statements are uttered, such as “Did you see him pick up that bug? I can’t believe it! Why, I wouldn’t dare. “Oh, she said she had to go potty. Isn’t that clever?” “ When it comes time to eat, each child is encouraged to “Eat it all up, or “Here comes the train. All gone. Won’t Big Bird be happy?” Whenever I’m a witness to the above, I realize that being grown-up isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. When’s the last time someone watched you all day and oohed and ahed? And how many of us have tripped and been made to feel okay? Normally the “big klutz” sign goes up and somebody makes a smart comment, such as “Have a nice trip.” I’ve also never been anywhere where a group of adults thought a bug was cute. There seems to be a united front to kill and remove the body as quickly as possible without any signs of remorse. Maybe we should consider throwing a party and have everyone come dressed as a toddler. We could make mud pies, play ring around the rosy, and not worry if everything we eat becomes part of what we’re wearing. We could appoint someone to be a doting parent that tells us we’re fabulous every five minutes or so. Unfortunately, adults, with their never ending need to become analytical would turn it into group therapy in order to discover why each individual was behaving like a child and try to find the right medication so they could calm down. What so many adults have forgotten is how to let that little kid come out once in awhile. Embrace your imagination, your sense of playfulness and your ability to be present to the wonder that is available in the everyday. You’ll find you’ll be less stressed and a lot happier.


Happy New Year!

I thought it might be fun to think about some New Years’ resolutions that might be a little bit more unique and quirky. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the same old same old : lose weight, change jobs, stop smoking, exercise, be more assertive and on and on. Let’s face it, if we were really interested in any of the aforementioned, we wouldn’t have to wait for January first to start. But hey, many of us like to procrastinate so the first of January has become a great target date for those who can seduce themselves into believing that the first of the year contains a magical catalyst for change. Good for you if it works, but the greatest challenge is sustainability. How about trying the following instead:  1.Try to avoid the “ignorantly self-important”, many of whom have realty shows and add nothing to our lives.  2. Stop trying to love yourself, it’s exhausting. Maybe just liking parts of yourself will do! 3. Don’t become obsessive about anything! It will only make you feel like a dart that’s always trying to hit the bull’s eye. 4. Try to accept that not getting what you want may just be a grand stroke of luck.  5. Don’t kid yourself into believing that just because something is liquid, it’s similar to drinking water. Frappuccinos, and mocha lattes have as many calories as a 16-ounce rib eye. 6. Stop suffering in advance. Wait until something really bad happens, and then suffer—instead of planning on it. 7. Get rid of the energy vampires. If somebody drains the life out of you whenever you talk to them…wear garlic around your neck and move on. 8. Don’t you think we should stop sharing so much information? Getting your teeth cleaned is a great thing, but we don’t need to share what they found in the process. 9. Make sure you choose comfortable clothing. Life is difficult enough without spending the day feeling like your clothes are out to kill you. 10. And finally don’t wait to have fun. Your chores will never be done. Instead of putting off the fun try to make it a part of whatever you’re doing. No one ever lay on their death bed lamenting the fact that they didn’t finish their “to do” list. Happy New Year!

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