My body sighs with relief to let it just all hang out.

Whenever I see a movie that’s about the Greek or Roman era’s, I am stimulated to think about why the fashion of those times did not hold over. Toga’s, caftans and other loose and flowing garments were very much a part of the culture. Both men and women wore loincloths similar to Tarzan’s. Imagine life without wedgies!

Fashion has definitely changed, but I don’t think for the better. Most of what we wear is constricting and made so that the focus is on what we look like rather than what we feel like. Underwear is often uncomfortable, especially bras that have an underwire. I don’t know how many times I have taken a bra off and seen what looks like track marks under my breasts. I think that getting older does have something to do with clothing feeling claustrophobic. Perhaps that’s why my mother, who was a fashion plate in her youth, ended up wearing boxy trousers, loose t-shirts and shoes that looked like they belonged to a Hobbit.

In retrospect I realize that  she finally said “the hell with how I look, I need to feel the freedom of loose clothing”. Eventually she didn’t even wear a bra, which I thought was appalling, especially when she went out in public. I thought what if people notice. Now I think who cares! Is there a bra police that reports you for going braless?  I watch some women strutting their stuff in their tight blue jeans, little tops and heels that are 6 inches high and I think “Thank God it’s not me”. Oh I have moments of nostalgia  when I remember how I poured myself into some of my hot little outfits. However, those are distant memories and I am enjoying some of the changes I have accommodated myself to like roomier clothing. I’ve found that you need the room since it seems that by the time the evening rolls around my body has somehow expanded. I don’t know why or how that happens, but you do end up feeling a little like a zeppelin.  Even with my new found freedom, I still love steeping myself in the joys of disrobing. Nothing feels as good as taking everything off and slipping on a nice nightgown, robe and slippers. It feels like every part of my body sighs with relief and gratitude that at last it has permission to let everything “just hang out”.


I’m A Sucker for Verbal Hostage Taking.

I’ve noticed in the last several years that I’ve met more and more individuals who love to talk about themselves. They seem mesmerized by what their saying and leave little or no room for a response. One of my acquaintances hardly takes a breath. I’ve often wondered if he carries an oxygen tank in case he runs out of air. He seems to have a tremendous need to inform me of every minute of his day starting with breakfast. The content is often heavy in the area of his work life. Since he’s a musician he wants me to know who he’s playing with , what kind of people have hired him, how long it will take, and how much equipment he has to set up. I have tried to interrupt with even the shortest phrase like “that’s nice”, to no avail. I could and have left the phone for a few minutes to do something around the house, only to return and find that he didn’t even know I was gone.

Another individual I know finds it necessary to inform me of every activity her children are engaged in, what they wore to school and what TV shows they watch. One conversation she had with me was a vivid and detailed description of her latest dental procedure , which was a root canal. She practically had enough information to perform one herself. I literally jumped in at one point and suggested she might want to go to dental school. There was not even a giggle. She actually agreed with me and went on to give me another fifteen minutes on her trip to the supermarket and the vegetables she bought that she read would be good for her brain. I really wanted to respond that perhaps she might consider buying some tape for her mouth, and some cement to fill the hole in her head, but I held back.

Oh, I know I could get off the phone with some lame excuse, but I keep hoping that I might get a chance to respond. Either that or I’m a sucker for verbal hostage taking. I really feel the reason some people do this, is because we’re in a culture where being busy is more valuable than having deep, meaningful conversations. They have forgotten how to listen or how to engage the listener.

Maybe the next time you talk to someone, you should periodically say “what do you think”. If they don’t answer you know their probably vacuuming or cleaning the toilet.

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