So many people I know are always trying to figure out how they’re going to integrate some fun into their lives.
We spend enormous amounts of time and effort trying to figure out how to relax, while spending equal amounts of time trying to accomplish more in less time. The dichotomy is insane! What very few books in the self-help area ever address is fun. They don’t let you in on the secret that you can have fun in the day to day if you realize that it isn’t something you seek, but something you are. “Become the fun you’re seeking” and you won’t have to wait to have fun. Stress is diminished in its presence, which is what most people don’t understand.

Essentially, fun is the art of playfulness and the ability to resonate with whatever you’re doing in the best possible way. At some point, we became a nation of workaholics. If all you ever think about is going from one task to another without interruption, you’ve become a robot. Instead, try to do as much as you can with an attitude that’s full of gratitude and joy.

Yes, this may sound naïve, but trust me when I tell you that more things will go right than wrong. I’ve tried this technique when I’m traveling, and amazing things have happened. Consider how often overworked employees in airports have to put up with disgruntled travelers. I start having fun with the gate agents. When they ask me how many bags I’m checking, I often respond, “Two, including me.” I get huge guffaws, and sometimes I even get moved into first class! Our interaction has become more humane, and they’re pleased that I’m interested in making our time together fun.

There are so many ways you can make your day more pleasant. In addition, if you’re already enjoying yourself, you’ll be less likely to try to medicate yourself with food, or alcohol. Here are some tips to help you experience more joy during everyday tasks.
*Get some karaoke music and sing in your car while you’re stuck in traffic.
* Talk to people standing next to you instead of using you’re cell phone when you’re waiting in line.
* Let everyone you come in contact with know that you’re interested in them by actively listening. When you act dismissive, it shows how uncomfortable you are with yourself.
*Do all your chores in as playful a way as possible. Try to squelch the old inner tapes that tell you “you can’t have fun until the work is done!”’ll be dead.
*Wake up and be grateful that you have been given another day to be on this planet.
*Enjoy the ride when you’re driving. You’ll eventually get to where you’re going.
*Make your job as enjoyable as possible. You signed up——no one shipped you off to do forced labor. If you are miserable with your circumstances, attempt to create something you’ll really enjoy.

I realize that there are a lot of situations that create anxiety, fear and sadness, but when life is not handing us lemons we should try to opt for not suffering in advance. Don’t make every day seem like a funeral procession. We are not here for a long time, but hopefully we are here for a good time.

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