Suffocating blue jeans: One woman sings the blues

As a young teen, I would beg my mother to let me wear blue jeans. Her response was always a very forceful “No!”
Her rationale was the fact that she felt they were unladylike. I finally got my first pair after I was married. They were baggy and had the look of someone who was about to plow the North 40. My kids practically lived in overalls called OshKosh B’Gosh, which were all the rage, and my husband had a grownup version. I loved how comfortable my jeans were, and they really suited my lifestyle. A T-shirt and a pair of sneakers was all you needed to get through the day.
Well, blue jeans have certainly evolved and transitioned into an entire industry that seems to have created a national uniform for most Americans. When I travel I see hordes of people wearing them. There are still individuals attired in the slouchy jeans of my generation, but some of the newer versions look more like applied body paint.
Recently I was in the airport sitting at a coffee shop when I happened to notice a few women standing in line waiting to get served. They all had jeans on, but they were so tight they looked as if they were going to shred into a million pieces if they made one wrong move. As I continued to observe them, I kept thinking, “How do they get them on or off?”
I gave up wearing panty hose because I would often feel like a sausage. I hate tight anything because it makes me feel like I’ve been captured by maniacal fashion designers who care more about their designs than how they look or feel on real people. Believe me, I’m not advocating for shrouds, but shouldn’t there be a modicum of common sense around what we look like?
Tight jeans, tight underwear, tight anything has some unhealthy side effects. Skin and our parts are supposed to be able to breathe and have circulation available to them. I’m surprised there aren’t more people calling 911, because they can’t get their pants off and are being strangled by them. The other issue for me is that a lot of individuals who encase themselves in tight jeans should find a three-way mirror and have a good look. They just may think twice before they go out the door.

How Letting Go Gives You More Control

I find it interesting that June Cleaver seems to have returned from the dead. So many young women are repeating a history that I’ve long left behind. They work; take care of their homes; and enroll their children in sports, accelerated learning classes, music lessons and God knows what else so that the little ones can graduate from kindergarten with high honors.

These moms drive their children to and from these numerous events in their big SUVs while complaining how tired they are (or they spend hours on the phone deciding whose turn it is to carpool). If that’s not enough, add in going to the gym, trying to manage the home front and being sexy if they can manage to stay awake.

As a result, many of today’s young women are suffering from anxiety and depression. Gee, I can’t imagine why! I spent years believing that no one could do anything without my direction, and whatever needed to be taken care of would be done best by me. Age has not only tempered this mind set, but also for many of my female friends who’ve realized that no one’s going to reminisce about how perfect they were. Much of life is like a movie or a play, and we become the characters with a story line we’ve memorized. It’s often difficult to change the dialogue because the rest of the players are used to you giving them their cues.

It took me a long time to realize that I didn’t want to be known for how perfect I was, because it was really an illusion. My goal now is to be remembered as a wild, zany, eccentric mother and grandmother.

No one is perfect, nor should they want to be. It’s a goal that only leads to anxiety and makes the people around you wish you’d be abducted by aliens. Life is so much more fun when you loosen up and lighten up. The ultimate irony is that when you’re flexible, you’re actually more productive, and your friends and family will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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