Happy New Year!

I thought it might be fun to think about some New Years’ resolutions that might be a little bit more unique and quirky. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the same old same old : lose weight, change jobs, stop smoking, exercise, be more assertive and on and on. Let’s face it, if we were really interested in any of the aforementioned, we wouldn’t have to wait for January first to start. But hey, many of us like to procrastinate so the first of January has become a great target date for those who can seduce themselves into believing that the first of the year contains a magical catalyst for change. Good for you if it works, but the greatest challenge is sustainability. How about trying the following instead:  1.Try to avoid the “ignorantly self-important”, many of whom have realty shows and add nothing to our lives.  2. Stop trying to love yourself, it’s exhausting. Maybe just liking parts of yourself will do! 3. Don’t become obsessive about anything! It will only make you feel like a dart that’s always trying to hit the bull’s eye. 4. Try to accept that not getting what you want may just be a grand stroke of luck.  5. Don’t kid yourself into believing that just because something is liquid, it’s similar to drinking water. Frappuccinos, and mocha lattes have as many calories as a 16-ounce rib eye. 6. Stop suffering in advance. Wait until something really bad happens, and then suffer—instead of planning on it. 7. Get rid of the energy vampires. If somebody drains the life out of you whenever you talk to them…wear garlic around your neck and move on. 8. Don’t you think we should stop sharing so much information? Getting your teeth cleaned is a great thing, but we don’t need to share what they found in the process. 9. Make sure you choose comfortable clothing. Life is difficult enough without spending the day feeling like your clothes are out to kill you. 10. And finally don’t wait to have fun. Your chores will never be done. Instead of putting off the fun try to make it a part of whatever you’re doing. No one ever lay on their death bed lamenting the fact that they didn’t finish their “to do” list. Happy New Year!

Let’s get real! All the rhetoric is not really much of a difference.

I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of articles, books and discussion on talk shows about weight loss. I realize that January is a time for resolutions and losing weight seems to be on most people’s lists. But, let’s get real if you look around you know that all the rhetoric is not really making much of a difference.

As a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Could it be that all the constant chatter is actually creating the opposite effect. Perhaps we are just like children who continue a negative behavior even though they have been chastised dozens of times. Maybe it’s more comfortable to be overweight because there are so many individuals who are.

I don’t have any answers to the problem other than what I consider to be common sense. If you eat less, and move more, you’ll get thinner. But because the problem has become so extensive, it has created a whole army of scam artists who make a living promising miraculous outcomes from a host of ridiculous diets.

If I need a good laugh I go to the book store and read the titles in the diet section. I know the customers around me are probably thinking I forgot to take my meds before I left the house, because my guffaws’ are rattling the building. There is always a book that has the word “ultimate” in it, as if you were about to embark on a quest for the holy grail. I love titles that contain the phrase “ The last diet you’ll ever go on”. Isn’t that a little like a death sentence. If you die it’s probably going to be the last time you’ll ever need to lose weight. In fact you might be the thinnest person in the cemetery. How about “Ten Pounds in Ten Seconds”. Of course I’m being facetious, but you’ve all seen the titles that promise quick results. The only way I know of to lose that much weight in that little time is to have your head cut off.

Then there’s the programs on TV that have individuals who are extremely overweight trying to climb a mountain with a log on their back or dragging a boat with twenty people in it. I call that a heart attack waiting to happen, but then all that really matters is ratings. Whatever happened to maintaining one’s dignity? I guess that doesn’t matter either.

Maybe, that’s the answer! If we thought more of ourselves, we just might lose weight to feel better. Now that’s an idea worth thinking about.