The Kardashians and the dumbing down of America

This past week, Kim Kardashian proved that her posterior could make world news. Most of the major networks, social media and newspapers flashed the pictures of Kim, which set off a gaggle of conversation about her latest ploy to get attention. There were several photos that ended with Kardashian totally naked while holding her dress around her knees with a shocked look on her face. Perhaps she couldn’t even believe what she was doing.

I would love to be a fly on the wall for one day to be able to listen to how Kim, Kanye and the rest of the clan go through their day. I’m sure they start their mornings with meetings on how they can create more spin around their brand. Now that Kim has revealed all of her parts, they will have to increase the visibility. Perhaps her next visit to the gynecologist can be videotaped. How about a photograph of Kanye getting a prostate exam?

I mean, if you’re going to expose yourself endlessly, why not add some degree of altruism?

Partner with a nonprofit to encourage people to get examined for possible cancers or other illnesses.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the direction the Kardashian empire is headed toward.

I have never read or heard any of the clan discussing their philanthropic ventures. This is a group that relies on materialism and how to entice more voyeurs who can peek into their lives.

What boggles my mind is how so many people have bought into it. I believe Kim Kardashian rivals Marie Antionette when it comes to self-absorption and an obsessive need for admiration from the public.

She has admitted to taking more than 300,000 Instagram photos and has promised to sift through them to choose the best ones for a book.

Who cares? You might think I do, since I’m writing about her, but I am an observer of societal absurdity, and I find the Kardashians to be totally absurd and inane.

Kim is literally famous for doing nothing of any merit. Yet her fame for nothing intrigues people.

There have always been individuals who fascinated us and held our attention. Most of them had some talent or dedication to a cause, or at least interesting because of their quirky personalities.

We have somehow transitioned to a whole new genre of individuals who seem endlessly able to spike people’s interest despite being devoid of talent (unless you consider being trite, idiotic or narcissistic a talent).

We desperately need entertainment that showcases real talent – individuals who have spent their lives studying and crafting their expertise, be it music, art or singing.

We do not need any more lackluster people who become famous for “dumbing down” even the notion of being dumb.