Instant Gratification

Technology has given us opportunities to communicate in ways we could never have imagined. We can achieve instant gratification by using our cell phone in a variety of ways, wether it be by voice, text or FaceTime. You can show someone where you are and what you’re doing at a moments notice. The ways to communicate keep evolving and the time it takes to connect is getting shorter and shorter. I’m sure we will eventually have the ability to access one another through holograms. It feels like we are fast becoming the actors in a science picture film.

My fear is that the ability to communicate faster and faster is also removing the ability to spend actual time with each other. I now receive a myriad of text messages that were once part of a phone call. Are we so busy that picking up the phone is akin to the President being told we are about to be invaded by aliens? Most of us have accommodated ourselves to the new ways to get in touch, but have we thought about what we have given up as a result? The human voice has the ability to impart so many emotions. No amount of smiley faces, little hearts or any other symbols can do that!

This is not a diatribe against progress, but rather the hope that we can find some balance between the new and the old ways of communicating. The holidays are upon us. Christmas is this Thursday and many people will gather to celebrate. Will the cell phones be turned off during dinner unless a friend or family member that couldn’t attend will be calling? If there are kids at the gathering will they be interacting with the adults or will they be texting their friends to gab about what their experiencing? How about the television? Will it be turned off?

Being without the gadgets for the day may allow you to embrace the possibilities of having discussions with individuals in a more meaningful level. Texting makes communication feel like shorthand. I also know that there are some relatives that I would like to simply text even if they were sitting next to me. But if it’s one thing I’ve discovered it’s that I have learned a lot of tolerance and patience talking to someone that made me feel like watching a faucet drip would be more fun. In fact some of the most boring or difficult people I have had to deal with have ended up being characters in some of the books I’ve written.

Perhaps this holiday you can go back in time and simply revisit old fashioned ways of communicating. Listen, respond, be empathic, and see what you might learn. And more importantly give your phone a rest! Happy Holidays!

Bionic Woman

This Monday I go into the hospital for my fourth implant. I have already had a right hip, left shoulder, and left knee done. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last replacement. But, I do have two more joints left and “you never know”, as my mother would say.

When I mention the above to casual strangers they label me as “bionic”! I suppose that’s one way of looking at it, but I don’t particularly feel bionic. Yes, when the surgeries have good outcomes, you are better off, and to a degree I am. However, more often than not, I feel like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. I also wonder why it never dawned on me that the excessive aerobic exercise, cycling, racquetball and weight-lifting would eventually do me in?

Moderation has never been one of my strong suits. If I like something, I become completely invested in it. I taught exercise and aerobics until one day I thought if I saw one more person do a leg lift, I’d scream. Then I went on to weight-lifting. I wasn’t content with just doing weights to condition my body. Oh, no, I had to power lift. After all why shouldn’t a five foot woman try to outdo the guys in the gym who looked like buffed Gorillas? Oh, I forgot to mention , I started dancing lessons when I was four. Needless to say, I have been a movement machine for years and my body finally said, enough already time to chill.

I had signals along the way, lots of clicking in the knees going down stairs, my shoulder would ache for days at a time and my hip started to reduce my ability to walk properly. But did that stop Ms. Tarzan? No way! I kept going like the Energizer Rabbit because it’s my nature to never give up.

Well, I finally gave up when I could no longer go even a few steps without excruciating pain. Voila, I got a hip implant. I recovered quickly and was fine for several years, and then the shoulder and knees started sounding more and more like a creaking door in a bad horror movie because I went back to my old habits.

Thank God, for modern medicine and great Orthopedic Doctors. They have certainly made a lot of people able to function better and I am grateful to the ones I chose. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from becoming “bionic”, is that I can engage in exercise and not become obsessed. I no longer have a need to prove how much I can do or how.

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