When I don’t have to go anywhere I stay in my nightgown.

I recently bought the latest edition of Vogue magazine to see what was going on in the fashion world. I have always loved viewing what fashion designers have deemed the latest, greatest couture for the year. The pages are filled with tall, willowy models who look as if they live on celery, water and air. I realize they have been chosen because their bodies are merely a backdrop for the designers clothing. They are very tall, angular and have legs that never end.
Oh, yes different body types have been added in some areas of clothing. You will see some models who look more like a lot of the “real women” who live amongst us. However, I have not seen any short models yet. I would love to see clothing on individuals who are “vertically challenged”.
For the better part of my life, I have struggled with finding clothing that fits my height and also my width. When I was thinner and a bit taller it was a little easier. But age has helped to create a height crisis. Pants that used to be somewhat long are now cascading beyond my ankles and landing on the floor. It’s amazing how losing a few inches can make such a difference. Some stores carry “petites” but they are not made for short, mature bodies. I am rather large busted and would say the rest of me fits into the category of being “full figured”. I love the metaphors that have emerged to help those of us who are not born looking Gazelle like.
I’m not crazy about being described as “full figured”. What am I full of? How about using the term Zaftig? I love that word since it feels as if I am mysterious, luscious and bodacious. But, I have never seen an advertisement for any type of clothing that says : New, exciting dresses, pants and accessories for Zaftig petite women.
Pants have always been my biggest problem since tailoring them is very difficult according to their design. I have often had enough material left over to make a pair of shorts. Tops can be dicy too. I’ve had to buy extra large in order to fit my breast size which makes me look like I’m wearing a potato sack. I have lost my need to get upset about any of the above since trying to emulate any of the magazine models or celebrities have become a distant issue, however, it was definitely a focus of my younger years.
Most of the time I now chose clothing that allows my body to sigh “Ahhh” this is so good. Going braless unless I have to be under public scrutiny, like my public speaking is top billing. When I don’t have to go anywhere I stay in my nightgown. You may think that’s lazy, but I have come to the conclusion that a “Happy Body, means a Happy Life”.

2 Replies to “When I don’t have to go anywhere I stay in my nightgown.”

  1. How about Polar Fleece? my pants and jacket are +30 now, still warm ‘n soft 🙂 I like sleeping in them 🙂 I live by an earthquake fault. Running out in the dark of night is a real possibility. Having warm clothes on instead of some flimsy sleep-ware could make all the difference.

  2. We are living the same life ! I also will stay “Comfy” if I am not leaving the house ! You truly are my Hero ! I have been fortunate that I have attended many of your appearances ! Even speaking with You after a couple ! I feel SO validated …… You find a way to put my thoughts and feeling into words ! God Bless and Thank You !

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