Where did my happy hair go?

    Yesterday I went to the hairdresser and convinced myself that I needed to have the hairspray that she used to make sure my hair would not move. This is something I do every time I go. As a result I now have enough product to open my own salon. My hair has gotten thinner with age and I have come to the conclusion that if I put enough productin it, or on it , that it will be full and sassy. I have been on this quest since menopause when my hair became extremely uncooperative and started looking like an old Brillo pad. Who knew how important estrogen was to having happy hair. It seems that estrogen is important for a great deal of how women’s bodies function. But thats another story.

    At this point in my life my biggest concern is not to look like I have spaces in my scalp. I could become really hip and tattoo the spaces with pictures of my grandchildren, but Im not there yet. Since Im fairly optimistic, I think for now, Im going to continue my quest to find the holy grail of hair products that will produce volume, shine and the ability  for it to stay still in the midst of a tornado.

   I often think about my grandmother Francesca when I find myself upset by not getting the result I was promised from a product. She used a bar of brown soap to wash her hair and then she would apply some olive oil as a conditioner. She used brown soap for everything that needed to be cleaned, dishes, floors, clothes, and her body. She had beautiful skin and great hair. Of course, she didnt color, condition, or volumize it. They hadnt been invented yet. But, I dont think she would have used them even if they were available, since she was very invested in living a granola like life.

   Unfortunately, I became seduced by the promises made by a myriad of hair products. Im afraid to look under the sink since that has become a cemetery for stuff that didnt work. My shower has several bottles of shampoo and conditioner in it as well. It all does the same thing nothing! I assuage myself by thinking Im just not using it properly. But how many ways are there to apply shampoo in order for it to do its magic.

   My mother was always appalled at what she thought was a total waste of my money. She like my grandmother was an advocate of brown soap. Her consistent remark was You could have put the money you spent on this stuff in the bank instead of your head. I hate the fact that she was right. So what am I going to do from now on.  Well, I think its time for some brown soap.


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  1. Hey Loretta….have you tried Rogaine (SP??)?? I’ve a couple of female friends who swear by this but can’t attest to it personally. If the brown soap worked for your grandmother and mother it sounds like that’s your answer though.

  2. Great article, Loretta! I have started to notice hair loss and I am in perimenopause. I told my doctor about this problem and she checked my thyroid and iron. She said my thyroid is good, but I need to boost up my iron. So I am taking iron supplements now. I hope you have checked with your doctor and had some tests done, too. Sometimes a deficiency can cause hair loss. Keep laughing and age well, my friend. Love and hugs. 🙂

  3. You’d be amazed how many younger people don’t even know brown soap (or where to find it 😉 )
    Me? I usually shampoo with it once a month to get all the other buildup out

  4. Loretta, you make me laugh and also makes me realize how our Grandmom’s had all the answer but never knew it!! They just did what they did because it was simple. I have a magnet that says, “Oh shit, I’ve turned into my mother”…as much as I thought back then they were wrong and I was right, I realize how right they were!! Sorry Mom!!

  5. i am a new fan of you.i watched a clip on YouTube “joy of stress”. amazing.i laughed a lot after along time.our parents and grand parents just keep things simple and dont complicate things that’s why they dont face degeneration of cells. good article!

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