The way the world is going we just may learn what happens tomorrow, today.

It’s true that there are a lot of reasons to worry in our modern world. Most of the information we get from newspapers and television is awful-murder, drugs, dangerous foods, political kickbacks, car crashes. After a while, you start to think everything and everyone is horrible and that life can only get worse. But bad events have been happening since the beginning of time. The big difference is that people didn’t have the availability of knowing immediately. Today we can hear about tragedies as they’re happening. There always seems to be someone around taking pictures, or tweeting about it.

You may start your day by tuning into the morning news. They will fill you up with fear so that you can start twitching before you leave the house. You’ll find out about the weather, not only about the day you’re in but possibly for the next week or two. So if it’s going to rain Friday you’ll hear people reporting that instead of exulting in the day their in. How many of you have been in conversation with someone and mentioned what a beautiful day it is, only to have them respond by saying “Yes, but it’s going to rain Friday”! Why not simply revel in the opportunity of enjoying a sunny day? What if I die Tuesday? I’ll never get to Friday and I spent time discussing something I may never experience.

There’s always a report by some doctor and a member of the food police to make your nerves jangle. In addition everyone has become a pseudo-doctor and nutritionist. You could probably ask a two-year-old now on how to dress a wound. Bacteria is everywhere and you will eventually have to encase yourself in a protective suit that has been completely sterilized. Every time I hear about some new report on how important it is to wash your fruit and vegetables and how careful we have to be about dirt, I think of my grandmother. I remember seeing her brushing off a piece of food that fell on the floor on her apron and eating it. She lived to be ninety-five.

Even bathrooms have gotten prime time coverage. One newsmagazine show did twenty minutes on bathroom hygiene. They said if you go into a public restroom, you shouldn’t use your hands to flush the toilet; use your feet instead. And don’t touch the doorknob when you leave. So now I have to train with Cirque Du Soleil to be able to use the restroom!

At least one problem has been solved. Most toilets flush themselves now so you just might live longer as a result. The bottom line, no pun intended, is use your common sense, and laugh at the rest.

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  1. Loretta, you hit the nail on the head! We have a 5 second rule in our house. If food drops on the floor, we have 5 seconds to retrieve it. We in the past hat dogs that as soon as it hit the floor it was gone, but the cats now think it is beneath them. The kids would open the front door in the morning, step outside to see how the weather was on how to dress, they still do this and they are in their 30’s.
    The ridiculousness of some peoples ideas makes me giggle. I giggle and laugh a lot. Humor is all around us.
    Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season,

  2. I am going to print this and hang it over my desks – work and home. Such a great reminder!
    I’m 65, and I realized just recently that I keep looking forward to events that are going to happen in the future. I have done it all my life. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I need to enjoy the moment. Looking forward to events is fine, but don’t base your excitement/happiness on it.
    The ‘Now’ is so important – sunny or rainy.
    As usual, this is so well-written, Loretta, and I laughed so hard at your “train with Cirque Du Soleil” line.

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