Everyone has a little bit of ‘wackiness’

I’ve found the more unconventional someone is, the less likely they are to take themselves seriously. The next time you feel like doing something wacky, go ahead and do it. I tend to live outside the box and it doesn’t always go over well with some people I know and have known. My ex-husband would look at me with disdain when I would strike up a conversation with a stranger. Now in my estimation this is not exactly weird. But he could not fathom why I would talk to someone I didn’t know. “Well isn’t that how we get to know someone”? If we never talked to anyone we didn’t know, we would end up talking to ourselves.

The above is mild in comparison to some things I’ve done, like dance while I’m waiting in line, sing while shopping, or wear a silly hat when I go for a walk. This and other situations led us down the path to divorce. Although divorce is an unfortunate occurrence, it freed me to be myself without someone’s disapproval.

Nothing I’ve written so far is really that odd. To become really unconventional means you must journey into the world of eccentricity. According to David Weeks, Ph.D., a neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland who has spent years studying eccentrics. Among other findings, the people Weeks studied went to doctors only one-sixteenth as often as other adults.

Inside every person lurks a little bit of wackiness. Let your quirky side out once in a while. If you work at a conservative bank or law firm, wear a tie or scarf with just a bit more flair than is the norm. Your underwear always can be unique because nobody sees it ( at least at work ). Get yourself a business card for friends and family that gives you an unusual title: Goddess of Guffaws, Director of Everything, Inverse Paranoid. Have a menopause party or an unbirthday party. Walk out of your bedroom backward. Stand on one leg when you’re talking to a higher-up. You’ll get people staring at you, but who cares! So many individuals worry about what “they” will say. I honestly don’t know who “they” are. But obviously “they” have an incredible ability to frighten us into living lives according to “their” rules.

The important thing is to encourage yourself to remove the mantle of fear that stops you from stepping outside the box. If you have a lot of fears around this, consider how much your brain will appreciate your ability to be different. It helps with neuroplasticity, the brains ability to increase new neural connections. So don’t get into a rut! Remember the reward for limiting yourself is that you become at the mercy of your limitations.

I always encourage feedback. Love to hear your thoughts!

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