I got the furniture disease….My chest fell into my drawers

I am reticent to admit that there are days when I spend time fixated at looking at myself in the mirror. I just can’t believe what’s happening! My body is starting to look just like my mothers. The irony is that she never exercised a  day of her life, ate pretty much what she wanted, never took supplements or meditated. In fact she would often get angry and throw stuff around, drink wine every night, and stress was her constant companion. She lived to be ninety-nine. Her last several years were not the best, but for the majority of her life she was in good health and got around quite well. In fact she drove from Long Island where she lived alone till she was ninety , to my home in Plymouth. I was always amazed at how she got here intact or that she had not left a wake of car accidents, since she was totally afraid of driving. I on the other hand exercised myself into a coma, tried to eat so-called healthy foods, and learned to meditate.  My career, teaching people how to manage their stress was my best teacher, but none of the aforementioned curtailed the onslaught of joint problems that have become a part of my journey. Also none of what I did exercise wise has kept my body looking any different from my mothers. She would often say that as you get older you get the furniture disease. That’s when your chest falls into your drawers. She was spot on. Despite all of her so-called dysfunctional habits, she had a sense of humor ,albeit dark and often cynical, that seemed to help her cope with aging and the problems it brings with it. She would often laugh at me when I told her to exercise as if she already knew what I was in for.  My humor is less dark, but it seems to continue to be available even when I’ve been faced with the news that I need two knee replacements and a possible shoulder replacement. I figure I may go bye-bye, but some of my parts will be around forever. Since none of us are going to get out of here alive, it’s probably a good idea to spend as much time as possible exercising your funny rather than your fanny.


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  1. do you think the secret might be to lead a hedonistic lifestyle?
    my ass is gonna fall off anyway it may as well be when I’m shakin it to amy winehouse!
    the dogs get something called glyco-flex 600 it’s sea muscles and brewers yeast and alfalfa
    no bovine extract. I like it for how my joints feel when I take 2 to 4 a day with willard water®

  2. I found this just now on someone’s blog called: “The P.M.S. Club”

    “Take a peek at what Loretta LaRoche says are the ‘ten simple truths that lead to an amazing life’:

    An amazing life requires resilience.
    An amazing life requires living in the moment.
    An amazing life requires optimism.
    An amazing life requires acceptance.
    An amazing life requires humor.
    An amazing life requires creativity.
    An amazing life requires moderation.
    An amazing life requires responsibility.
    An amazing life requires connection.

    Want to come with me to buy some new party pants?”

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