Repetition Compulsion

As a society we are suffering from repetition compulsion. Whenever I see a physician other than my primary care, I fill out the same paper work over and over. I have signed the HIPPA document at least fifty times. Now I understand that the medical community wants to be extra cautious , but if all these doctors work at the same hospital in the same community, wouldn’t it make sense to have a central casting agent that keeps it all in one place. I have given my health insurance information dozens of times and still I got a bill from a collection agency stating I owed money for some test I had gotten. I called the patient billing person and she said she had no record of my insurance number. This has happened before and I have called to correct it several times. I just wonder where the number goes. They never seem to lose my address to send a bill! I called my local internet and T.V company to report a problem with my computer. I should have tried to get some anti anxiety medication first, since the entire process was maddening. A facsimile of a human voice answered and asked me to punch different numbers according to my problem. I hit the one I thought was going to help me, but it started asking me questions. “What’s the problem”?, “How long has it been going on”?. I love the next question, “Where do you think the problem originated, outside or inside”? Would I be calling them if I knew that!! Then the clone asked if I wanted to “refresh” the system”? I thought, why not, that might work, so I responded, YES. Well it seems I’ve been refreshed numerous times, so it suggested a technician come over. As soon as I said yes, a real person came on and literally repeated the entire conversation I had with the fake human. Twisted sister suddenly leaped out and stated that if they reduced their need for so much redundancy they might actually be able to pay their employees more money.  Lo and behold, the day before they were to arrive I got a call asking me if I still wanted someone and would I like to have them help me over the phone instead? I almost screamed “SEND SOMEONE OVER”. Last week a technician came and did fix the problem but he also mentioned that there was something going on in the street as well and they would send an “outside” person to fix it. Maybe it’s time for me to forget e-mail and get some homing pigeons. I don’t think I’d have as many problems.

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