One Reply to “Just Shut Up and Wise Up!”

  1. I use pleasure to decide what is important.
    Being “5” w/ 54 years of experience .. I know how to keep the fun going!
    The biggest pain I can think of is regret if I didn’t “squeeze the juice” from each moment!
    spread it, share it, “wallow in it” 🙂
    It’s no fun to have a bicycle if none of your friends do.
    Would it matter what color your new dress is if the whole world were blind?
    Some people seem lost to find what fills them. it isn’t the red dress,
    it’s the attention you get ‘in’ the red dress that is rewarding.
    Instead, share what joy you have in you, it’s like a magnet for more.
    give joy = get pleasure 🙂

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