What is all the Rage About!?

The other day I asked my face book community why everyone was so angry and I got a great deal of responses. It seems a lot of individuals are concerned over our increased inability to control ourselves. Over the years I have noticed that rage has grown exponentially in almost all areas of American life.

There is road rage, air rage, cyber rage, inner city rage, and a host of other rages that won’t fit into this article. It feels like we are turning into toddlers who can only stamp their feet and demand to have their needs met, no matter how irrational they are. Adult tantrums have become fodder for TV shows. Bridezilla, the Bachelor, and the housewives of every imaginable segment of the population seems to get incredible ratings. We are not only pissed off, we like to watch pissed off people as entertainment. Whatever happened to keeping a handle on your emotions? Everything I have read about becoming an evolved individual has maintained that humility, compassion, civility, and kindness are the foundation of a decent human being. It appears that many have forgotten the golden rule. “Do onto others’ as you would have them do unto you”. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to keep the public glued to their sets. Is it a sense of entitlement that has fostered this new paradigm? Do we have so little disregard for others that we can only focus on ourselves? I pose the question, because I believe as a nation we need to have some dialogue about what I consider to be a very serious problem.

Perhaps, we can start by examining our personal circle, i.e. family, friends and ourselves. Maybe you are becoming used to the impatience, incivility and aggression that is becoming so much a part of daily life. Take some time to notice if this is the case. If you sense you are part of the problem step back and take a good look at yourself. When you feel yourself getting enraged, try instead to engage.

Engage your rational mind, by asking yourself “what’s the point of this outburst”? Not much of what we consider to be a crisis is. If you find it difficult to maintain calmness and you actually get off on being hyper vigilante, then you may want to go to medical school and become an emergency room physician. At least you’ll be doing something useful!

4 Replies to “What is all the Rage About!?”

  1. “It seems a lot of individuals are concerned over our increased inability to control ourselves”
    I disagree.
    It is inability to control my Life that has me red-eyed!
    Never mind quitting smoking! I can’t stop the poisoning of the food I eat or the water I drink!
    Logic alone should be enough to dictate the laws of the land.
    There’s no logic behind the wallstreet bail out or the use of nuclear power.
    What has me choking the most is people buy the lies and turn a blind eye to the facts.
    THE TRUTH {why is it so hard to find?
    what has happened to the reporters and the news anchors?
    where is the handle on the bowl to flush?
    when is the last time we could be sure our votes were counted?
    see Linktv.org about Lobbyist
    anger? is it fear in it’s death throws?
    do unto others as you’d have them do unto you because of the law of cause and effect
    what ever you believe ask this:
    ‘how well does it serve to further All Life in the Entire Universe?”
    bless u Loretta, keep laughing I’m forgetting how.
    I’m 33 days into getting swathed with radiation.
    where’s the logic or reason?
    seek the truth but when you find it you are obligated to share it with others
    the price of freedom is granting it to others

  2. Rage is the child of fear and fear the offspring of feeling powerless.

    It starts out slowly, trivially, almost unnoticably. Feeling powerless to effect the price of gasoline, powerless to effect the fees the bank charges, powerless to effect any of the myriad of things that effect you.

    Born of this powerlessness is the rage. It comes forth in the blogosphere, where th anonymous bloger rages on the machine against the machine. Perhaps it gives some relief, but only for the moment. Crying out from the shadows is not empowering, it only only aggravates the feeling of being powerless. There is no risk, so it takes no courage and power only comes from taking risks and summoning courage.

    And the cycle of fear, powerlessness and rage continues and will come forth in impetent outbursts of rage over the trivial until one summons the courage to face the fear and seize the power to attempt to change the things that truly do effect you.

  3. Give me a way?!
    How do I stop the deep water drilling? the nuclear melt down?
    what can I do about the many people being shot for trying to stand against their greedy self-serving oppressive governments?
    Even if we had a choice on the ballot [which we don’t] the vote is written by Diebold!
    apathy and resignation is the inertia I am up against!
    “stop the insanity”

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