What Moron is Making This Much Money?!



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What a Show! Celebrity Train wrecks. Listen to Loretta and Co-Host Sue Burton talk about the insanity of some celebrities who have “lost” their values and still have TV Shows and book deals. What’s the deal? How are these people getting these? What about the real issues happening in the world that need to be talked about? We have transitioned to a dark place. Truly….this has become entertainment News! The Epic Meltdown.

I wanna know if Cancer researchers are making the 1.8 million that these celebrities are making. How is it possible that they get so much air time?

What A Show!

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An international stress management and humor consultant whose wit, and irreverent humor, has, for over 30 years raised the humor potential in all of us. She is on the Mass General advisory council for anxiety and depression and was recently awarded the National Humor Treasure Award. Loretta writes a weekly newspaper column called, ‘Get a Life’.

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  1. kadja1 says:

    I want to know too!

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